Exhibit & Sponsor at the PodiatryExpo

Are you feeling the sting from all the recently cancelled conferences in our industry?

At PodiatryMeetings.com, we know from experience that exhibiting on the trade show floor is a crucial component of sales and growth for your business. We completely sympathize with you as you navigate this challenge.

In response, we have created an event we are confident will bring some relief to our exhibitor family!

If you’ve participated in a virtual trade show previously, get ready for something that is unlike anything else the industry has seen! We pride ourselves in being forward-thinking and creative… and you can be certain we have used all our fresh ideas and creativity to bring a new and exciting experience. As former exhibitors, and frequent online shoppers, we know what it takes to grab a customer’s attention and produce a quality interaction.

We can’t escape COVID-19, so we have chosen to embrace it. We have put together an unforgettable event that will leave you with at least one positive memory from this pandemic.

So, how do we plan to drive traffic and interaction to your booth?

  • The vendor hall will look different than the virtual trade shows you’ve seen so far (much more than a logo and a product description). We will create an illustrated rendering of your booth with interactive and hyperlinked areas that allow them to browse your booth and engage with you personally!

  • We will be giving away totally awesome prizes throughout the event to visitors that “check in” to each booth.

  • We will use effective marketing tools at our disposal to generate excitement and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for attendees.

Oh ya – and attendees will have to pay $19 to participate, because when you pay, you pay attention.

We have plans in place but it starts with YOU! We won’t sugarcoat this – it will take a fair amount of effort on your part; just like any other event – it takes coordination and cooperation!  We are here to provide a fun, new, and effective tool, but like any other event, the success of your exhibitor both and/or sponsorship will also depend on your efforts!


  • Choose from 3 booth renderings and customize with your logo, colors, product images, personnel photos, and more.
    • Space for 2-3 embedded videos
    • Space for welcome messages with headshot photos from 3 of your “familiar faces” (booth representatives)
    • Up to 6 product images and descriptions listed with clickable link areas
    • BINGO check in button with contact information capture on your booth page
    • Live chat with visitors
  • Booth space webpage will be active for two weeks from date of Expo open (but will only be actively marketed for August 12th and 13th)
  • Listed as an exhibitor in our event promotion emails
  • Virtual swag bag inclusion (downloads and resources for DPMs from you before the show)
  • Pre-Registration list with name and address
  • Post-event registration list with name, address and email address

Also you won’t be a small fish in a sea of online exhibitors.  We are limiting our exhibit hall to 19 companies (14 exhibitors and 5 exhibitors/sponsors) which specialize in the podiatric space.

Wait, what?  Yup!  Just $219!


For those companies that want a bit more exposure, we are offering semi-live webinars from your company, broadcast to all attendees. This will be an opportunity to give the audience valuable content while showcasing the benefit of your products and services. The live Q&A will make the event more personal and engaging. You will also receive a dedicated email blast to registered attendees promoting the webinar.

What is semi-live? Semi-live is a format that is part pre-recorded and part live Q&A.
This will help to ensure that the educational and promotional portion of your webinar goes off without any sort of technological “hitch.”

SOLD OUT! Sponsorships are limited to 5 companies. Sponsors are required to provide a door prize to be awarded to one webinar attendee. Door prize must be attractive and generate interest to drive audience to your webinar.

Sponsor Features 

  • All exhibitor features plus
  • Semi-live 1 hour webinar. Webinar will be recorded and promoted during and after the event plus we will send the file to you for your own marketing use.
  • 1 Dedicated email blast promoting your webinar
  • Your own “meeting room” with scheduled office hours. The benefit to scheduled hours is that you will have a concentrated amount of time, rather than having to assign a staff member to monitor your meeting room all day.
  • Listed as a sponsor in our event promotion emails
  • 1 complimentary ad on our website or newsletter (your choice, depending on availability)

Yeah… we know.  It’s an insane deal!


Email marketing

  • Weekly email blasts leading up to event, to begin at least 6 weeks prior
  • Spotlight on event in our June & July newsletters
  • Email campaign to generate excitement to registered attendees
  • Post meeting email with reminder to support vendors and highlight show specials

Social media

  • Boosted Facebook posts
  • Facebook event
  • Linked-In promotion
  • Hashtag 

Press release sent to all well-known podiatry outlets: PodiatryToday/HMP, PRESENT eLearning, Podiatry Management


  • Ads placed throughout our website on our most popular pages
  • Incentive to register: gift from us mailed to first 100 registered attendees

Partner marketing

  • Cross marketing with our partners and fans, as well as exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Promotion package available to partners that will include social media images, blurbs, etc.

Advertising with PM News


  • Deadline to register as a sponsor: July 14
  • Deadline to register as an exhibitor: July 21
  • Deadline to receive all booth deliverables: August 4

Exhibit booths and sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • Logo*
  • Color codes (hex and RGB)*
  • Show special (make it a good one – at least 19% off in some way; get creative!)*
  • Product images – up to 6 with corresponding descriptions and links
  • Video content – 2-3 videos to embed in your booth page
  • Headshots of your “familiar faces” with names
  • Welcome messages from your “familiar faces” (30 second m4a format)
  • BINGO prize valued at $50+ (not one of your product or services) – think techy or a gadget*
  • Valuable content item to include in our “virtual swag bag” for attendees*
    • Ideas for your Virtual Swag Bag contribution: downloadable resource, coupon for samples or discounts, templates, forms, protocols, eBooks, consultations, software trials, Gift cards to Fandango/iTunes/amazon, workbooks
  • Event promotion to your customers and exhibitor colleagues
  • Agree to respond to our requests during development in a timely manner (ideally within 24-36 hours)*

*denotes required deliverable

Helpful Checklist Download


  • Everything in exhibitor list plus*
  • A reliable internet connection with adequate bandwidth
  • A door prize for the webinar attendees, valued at $100 or more (not a product or service)* 

*denotes required deliverable

Helpful Checklist Download

Terms & Conditions

Payment must be received with application to be considered. Payment is non-refundable. If deliverables are not received by the deadline, we reserve the right to eliminate or limit your company’s involvement with no refund. In the event the Expo is cancelled by PodiatryMeetings.com for any reason, we will refund all monies paid 100%.