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Energia Medical brings new and innovative light therapy to healthcare practitioners and patients. These products reduce pain, increase circulation, relax muscles, and relieve pain and discomfort from arthritis.  Energia Medical is committed to providing quality products, on-going innovation and excellent customer service.

Energia is Briniging Energy to Heatlh

Foot and Ankle 121 Diode Pad

122 total LEDs – 70 infrared and 52 red.
Wavelengths are red (660nm) and infrared (850nm).

The pad features dual use design:
1) Use lengthwise along the calf and under the foot
2) Wrap around the top and bottom of foot and behind the ankle like a boot.

Foot and Calf 131 Diode Pad

Features 131 total LEDs – 83 infrared and 48 red.
Wavelengths are red (660nm) and infrared (850nm).
Typically, used on calf and bottom of foot. If the pad is reversed 180 degrees, it can be wrapped around the top and bottom of the foot.

The Benefits of Light Therapy

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