Visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall of PodiatryExpo

We know you miss live conferences and events—we do too! You have spent years attending conferences to visit with colleagues, learn from esteemed faculty, check out new products and take advantage of your favorite product’s show specials. COVID-19 has put a stop to all of that.

We are bringing you an event that will help get a little bit of that back.

Just as your practice has faced challenges these last few months, our vendor family has met unprecedented challenges too. We hope you will use this opportunity to show your support and say thank you for their loyalty to our special industry!

A virtual trade show from the founders of… you’ve never seen a virtual trade show like this.

So, what’s in it for you.. the DPM?

Glad you asked!!

As an attendee of PodiatryExpo, you will have access to:

  • Extreme discounts on podiatric products and services.

  • Attendance to webinars where you can enter to win extra special door prizes.

  • Entry for BINGO prizes that you actually want.

  • Virtual Swag Bag filled with free goodies such as:

    • templates
    • free trials
    • samples
    • coupons
    • courses
    • and much more
  • Downloadable resources to help your practice patient care and/or mgmt (i.e. patient marketing resources for the products and services you offer from your favorite vendors).

All of this access for just $19!
Why are you charging me $19, you might ask.

Well… how many free webinars have you signed up for during this crisis and not attended because something else came up?  If you’re like us, it’s a fair amount.

We’re charging $19 because we believe that when you pay, you pay attention and are more likely to participate in this event. You won’t want to miss it when life gets in the way. $19 is a nominal fee…. and it helps to cover the cost to put this event on for you.